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4 Ways to Recruit and Hire Like A GM

November 12, 2018 • Uncategorized

In my recent conversations with leaders, the topic of hiring top talent has come up consistently as a challenge. I keep hearing, “Recruiting great talent is getting harder and harder.” It’s clearly a pain point that executives are navigating, especially amid the era of The Great Resignation.

So how can we recruit and hire great talent in this type of competitive environment?

What if we started approaching it like a general manager (GM) of a sports team?

In the past, hiring was straightforward. We had a job to fill, we posted a job description, reviewed resumes, received applicants and then hired someone. But the old model is just that – old.

What if instead we recruited talent like a sports team would recruit a top-tier free agent? Here are 4 ways to hire like a GM:

Prepare. The best GMs go beyond the scouting reports and statistics to get into the athlete’s head and heart. They talk to almost anyone who can give them some insight into the athlete- their skill set, mindset, personality, reputation and goals. This mindset is transferable to hiring in the business world. Who are your candidates? What matters most to them? What doesn’t matter? What does success look like for them? What do they value? Is it the opportunity for growth? A new challenge? Meaningful work? The best recruiters, in or out of sports, take time to prepare and go deeper than their competition.

Engage. Act like they’re part of your team before they are on the team. Show them what your culture is like. Take them behind the curtain so they can see it, feel it, and hopefully want more of it.

Engage More. I never signed a player with one meeting. Ever. And the better the athlete, the longer the process and more work it took to get them. It’s the same in the business world. After the first meeting or conversation, that’s when magic can happen. What did you hear when you were together that you can follow up on? These are the things that send a message that this relationship really matters to you. What is your team doing to send this message? Your actions express your priorities.

Repeat. Most importantly, continue to engage with them in the same way when they are on your team.  Live up to your promises so that they will be your greatest ambassador as you continue to build your team.

Your Game Changer Takeaway

Next time you’re faced with an open position, put on your GM hat. Find the right person who is not just going to help you win more, but help you build a winning culture that lasts.


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